Plank Flooring made by Eutree

Plank Flooring

Eutree is a Wide Plank flooring manufacturer devoted to reclaimed wide plank flooring. They use their very own saw mills to cut reclaimed lumber and logs into wide plank flooring. Their specialties are Quarter Sawn White Oak and Black Walnut plank flooring. Additionally they provide sustainably harvested flooring also. The Eutree team makes each floor to buy individually per their clients needs. This allows each floor being unique and special for his or her customer. A number of these floors travel throughout the Usa and Canada before reaching their final destination. The plank flooring from Eutree is usually 5"-12" wide and often long length as much as 12' in length. Wider width and lengths can be found by special request. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is available in widths as much as 14". Flooring samples can be found by mail and can be unfinished or finished per customers request. Minimum flooring order is 250 Feet square. This is because each floor is created individually and setup time is extremely long. Typical wait time on each floor is 2-5 weeks based on numerous circumstances. Floors are available in unfinished, prefinished, hand scraped, wire brushed, and oiled. Please tell us how we will help you.

Reclaimed Flooring


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